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Traffic details for Click4Choice:
If you look at Alexa info you will think we get the most traffic from India.
This is true for our Free Classifieds but this is not true for our total Traffic.
Our Free Classifieds gets about 16% of our daily traffic.
The Classifieds is a now a seperate website and is excluded from our stats as it has it's own stats.
Below is a breakdown of traffic for the month of Jan 2012 which excludes our Classifieds.

As the above shows Click4Choice has good stable traffic and numbers vary slightly from month to month.

Based on what Alexa info Shows for Click4Choice we can surmise that their toolbar is very popular in India.

Notice our Bandwidth is very low for these many hits.
This is due to our Directory having Static pages which has very little bandwidth demand plus we use few Graphics which can add up quickly. Thus the directory pages load quickly and transfer bandwidth is at a minimum.

We will not take or approve Ads for Casino / Gambling, X Rated / Porn or Link Farm types of Websites.
Payment is required first and if an ad is not approved we will refund your money should you not be able to meet our requirements.

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